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Tablet Usage

The FASB Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) website is optimized for tablet usage on iPad (iOS 6.x and above) and Android devices. (Smartphone usage is not supported.)

“Install this bookmark” popup

The first time you access the Codification through a supported device, you will see a popup message with instructions regarding bookmark installation:


Follow the instructions to add the bookmark to either your home screen or your browser favorites, and close the popup by tapping the ‘x’ at top right.

Please note that the behavior of the popup may vary, depending on your device, browser, operating system version, and/or settings. For your convenience, general instructions for iOS and Android operating systems follow. These directions may require modification, depending on your device’s operating system version number.

iPad (iOS) bookmark installation – Safari browser

• Log in to the Codification.
• Tap the Share icon (   or ).
• Select “Add to Home Screen” to open the “Add to Home” dialog box.
• You may edit the name of the icon or accept the default, “Codification.”
• Tap “Add” to add the icon to your home screen.
• Tap your browser icon to return to the Codification.
• Additionally, you can add a bookmark to your browser by tapping the Share icon and selecting “Bookmark.”

Android installation – Chrome browser

1.  Add a bookmark:
• Log in to the Codification.
• Tap the Bookmarks icon ( ).
• You may edit the name of the icon or accept the default, “Codification.”
• Tap “Save.”
2.  Add an icon to your Homescreen:
• Tap the Chrome menu icon ( ).
• Select Bookmarks.
• Either:
o Tap and hold the Codification bookmark to display an options menu. Select “Add to Homescreen.”
o If that option is not available, access the Cod homepage and press the menu button on your device (e.g. on some devices). From the menu, choose “Add to Homescreen.”

“App” vs. “Bookmark”

When you install the Codification bookmark to your home screen, you are simply adding an icon which links to the tablet-optimized Codification website. You are not installing an application or “app", and no significant system resources are required.