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Other Sources

Archived Content

Any amendment to Codification content (for example, the addition of pending content; a change in the status of content from pending to current; a modification to current content; or the removal of current content) results in a new version of the content. The version superseded as a result of the update is then archived within the System. The archiving process preserves a copy of the Codification content as it was before the update. The archiving process assigns a sequential version number to the newly current version of the content at the Subsection level, while the newly archived version retains the version number that had been assigned to it when it became current as shown in the image below:


Archive pages

To access any version of any Subsection listed on a Section’s ARCHIVE tab, simply click the link to the version. The archived page for the Subsection version will be displayed.

The strikethrough on the archived pages does not indicate that all of the content is superseded. Instead, the strikethrough is used solely to emphasize that the archived version of the Subsection is no longer active. Certain changes may result in a new version without any visible differences in the content. Such situations can occur because of changes to the target of a link or changes to source fragment information.