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Joining and Combining Content

The FASB Accounting Standards Codification® Research System allows you to join and combine different pieces of content. You can combine on a single page:

  • All Subtopics within a Topic
  • All Sections within a Subtopic
  • Specific Sections from multiple Subtopics within a Topic
  • All identically titled Subsections within a Topic.

All print and display options will be available from each of these combined pages.

Joining All Subtopics From Topic Landing Pages

To combine on a single page all Subtopics contained within a Topic, use the "JOIN ALL SUBTOPICS" button on the Topic landing page.

(Note: The time it takes for this function to work depends on the size of the Topic. Larger Topics will have a longer load time.)

Joining All Sections From Subtopic Landing Pages

To combine on a single page all Sections contained within a Subtopic, use the "JOIN ALL SECTIONS" button on the Subtopic landing page.

Joining Sections From Multiple Subtopics in a Single Topic

To combine on a single page a specific Section from multiple Subtopics within a single Topic, click the "Join Sections" link located towards the upper center of each page. On the Join Sections page, select a Topic and select a Section.  (You may include or exclude Intersection Subtopics and SEC content by using the Options listed to the right of the Topic and Section fields.)  Click the "GET SECTIONS" button to see a list of Sections within the Topic you selected.  To include a Section, place a check beside the Section title. Click the "JOIN SECTIONS" button.  

Combine Subsections

To combine on a single page all identically titled Subsections contained within a Topic, click the "Combine Subsections" link located directly under the Subsection title.