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Other Sources


In the course of working with the System, you may come across certain Codification paragraphs that you may want to annotate for future reference. The FASB Accounting Standards Codification® Research System website allows you to create personal annotations.

To Create a Paragraph Annotation

  • Navigate to the page (and, if appropriate, the tab) containing the paragraph that you want to annotate.
  • Click the "SUBMIT ANNOTATION" link at the end of the paragraph.
  • In the displayed text boxes, type (or paste) the title and body of the new annotation.
  • Click the "SUBMIT" button to finish creating the annotation or click the "CLEAR" button to cancel the creation.
  • The annotation will immediately be displayed following the paragraph with which it is associated.

My Annotations

In addition to viewing your annotations directly on the specific page, you can access them from the "My Stuff > My Annotations" tabs.  This offers a quick way to identify all of your annotations without browsing to each page.