Professional View
Annual Subscription $1197 - Discounts for Multiple Users
Concurrent use product, providing full functionality and advanced navigation including:
  • Pending Content System for filtering pending content display based on user profile
  • Browsing by Topic, Searching, and Go To navigation 
  • Joining and Combining Content feature for viewing user-selected excerpts
  • Cross Reference report and archive to locate and access legacy standards
  • Various Printing options, including printer-friendly utility for viewing source references 
  • Archive feature for accessing any previous version of the content
  • Glossary term display feature for quickly viewing definitions
  • What’s New feature for accessing recently issued content 
  • What Links Here feature for identifying content related to a specific paragraph 
  • Email feature for sending comments to colleagues
  • Personal Annotations feature for keeping notes about selected content
  • Copy and Paste functionality
  • Current Location & Heading Depth feature for quickly assessing where you are.
Academic Institution access to Professional View

The Professional View of the FASB Accounting Standards Codification® is available to accounting program faculty and students through the Academic Accounting Access program administered by the American Accounting Association (AAA). A nominal fee is assessed to academic institutions by the AAA. Details are available at the AAA website.

Basic View
Free access:
  • Browsing by Topic
  • Utility to identify the location of legacy standards.